Silbon Sunglasses Collection

How do you define the colour and shape of your dreams?
Who, the light of success? 
What, its colour or appearance?
Where is the path to victory written?
Which map shows the route? Who knows the password?

Because nothing and no one can define your way of seeing life,
do it your own way.


An eternal summer’s day, full of colour and optimism.

“I like to add a touch of fun to my looks with different accessories. I like the caramel colour and they have the casual air that I look for. They’re also very light, so you almost feel like you’re not wearing anything!”


– Manuel Ordovas –


Simple elegance that goes further than trends.

“My glasses have to be an all-rounder like me. Classy yet discreet, and suitable for every occasion. The all black style is elegant and mysterious in its essence!”


– Juan Yanes –


Classic lines to frame a cool spirit.

“I like them for their design. The frame reminds me of classic movie stars, while the blue colour converts them into a trendy style. They’re really comfortable and perfect for my face shape.”


– Carlos Galluzo –


Simply awesome. Cosmopolitan and brimming with personality.

“I’m attracted to the combination of materials; the mix of metal and plastic is very current. A well-thought-out design with the vintage touch that I like.”


– Dani Cifuentes –

Silbon sunglasses

No two men are the same,
discover each day through your own eyes.