Experts say it’s like driving a Rolls Royce.

A man’s first made-to-measure suit is indeed a memorable thing. An achievement.

An experience that is unlike anything else.

At SILBON we’ve been working for 10 years to offer our clients so much more than just clothes. Our mission is to be present at each moment of their lives, making them feel comfortable, confident and attractive.

This is the starting point for Made To Measure (MTM) SILBON, the service which brings tailoring to the average user, through a uniquely personalised experience, developed for our most demanding clients, whatever their style or needs.

Today we’re with Pedro Severo who is responsible for the MTM initiative at SILBON on Claudio Coello street in Madrid.

He’s going to show us all the secrets of the firms’ latest line, for those men who want more from masculine fashion.

This is because Made To Measure, available at all SILBON stores, excepting big department stores, is designed to satisfy clients with different needs when it comes to design or size. The service offers a broad range of sizes including frock coats and single-breasted suit jackets in sizes ranging from 42 to 62 and trousers in sizes from 38 to 56.

Once the size and pattern have been chosen, the client can select the details for each piece

Lapels, pockets, piping, buttons and tucks. With Made To Measure, the client can also choose the material, whether a single- or double breasted jacket from a wide range of high quality materials, made by the Casa Marzotto.


The result is a unique, high quality product at a very affordable price, a suit made to order where the client has the final say.

Book your appointment with our Tailoring Manager, Pedro Severo, by calling 911 158 675, or visit us at 27, Claudio Coello St. 28001, Madrid (Spain).