Silbon dresses the Masters

From the start, Silbon has worked to offer men much more than just clothes. Our goal is to accompany men in each moment of their day-to-day lives with clothes that make them feel comfortable and attractive.

High-quality, unique designs created to help men feel comfortable in their own skin. Unpretentious and genuine. Nothing more and nothing less than men being proud of their unique, authentic selves.

With the Made to Measure service, Silbon has made custom tailoring available for those who want more from fashion.

A unique shopping experience

aimed at the most discerning customers, whatever their style or needs.

In our Made to Measure selection, a lover of good style will find a unique, high-quality product at a competitive price point, where every detail is customisable, and the finishing touch is added by the customer himself.

And if anyone knows masterful needlework, it’s Alejandro G. Palomo, creator and director of high fashion brand Palomo Spain.

The acclaimed designer visited our flagship store in Cordoba to learn about Silbon’s new tailoring line and discover all the possibilities that Made to Measure has to offer.

Palomo took advantage of the opportunity to determine the details for three of the suits he plans to wear for the second season of the “Maestros de la Costura” (Masters of Sewing) talent show, for which he sits on the judging panel alongside María Escoté and Lorenzo Caprile.

The expert advisors at Silbon took the designer’s measurements and showed him the wide catalogue of possibilities that Made to Measure has available for the brand’s customers.

With a clear predilection for double-breasted styles, Alejandro chose three suits with different designs, ranging from the serious Grey Pinstripe, to the unique Burgundy Pinstripe and the ever-stylish Blue Herringbone.

A man who knows how to combine classic elegance with international fashion trends, while always staying true to his own style.

A captivating personality and an exceptional sponsor for  

demonstrating that fashion does not discriminate,
and that prejudice cannot stop a genius,

from shining.