Charm and persuade to totally bewitch. Use flattery and trickery to achieve a dark purpose.

Myths and legends have persecuted the act of seduction since the dawn of time.

Black suit
Pure character. Limited edition made of 100% premium cool wool - Angelico.

Navy blue double breasted suit
Lightweight and impeccable. The most formal version of the suit. Marzotto cool wool and a double breasted blazer.

The talent of the seducer, each of his innate values, is tinged with a mysterious quality that runs a chill up your spine when its full power is released.

Green double breasted suit
Comfortable and versatile, made of ultralight fabric. Ideal for formal or smart-casual events.

Pairing dazzling intelligence with easy-going charm, the seducer brightens up any room and banishes all doubts or qualms back to the shadows. The seducer isn't scared, he doesn't pretend or overreact. His style entices us, his disarming honesty breaking down our walls.

Navy blue three-piece suit

Essential. Angelico cool wool. Exclusive design. Waistcoat without lapel, with button placket.

The upcoming spring season shrouds the SILBON man in classic elegance and fervent trends.

Blue suit

Essential. Blue suit made of Angelico cool wool.

Throughout each fast-paced work day or prominent event, The Seducer deploys his charm, his savoir faire, and his irremediable predilection for the exquisite: the outstanding quality of Italian cloth which comes from the main textile brands, and the “Made in Spain” manufacturing process.

Grey suit

Sophisticated and smart. Angelico cool wool fabric in light grey.

Say hello to this season's New Tailoring Collection from SILBON.

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