Silbon turns ten! An entire decade of progress, expansion, and diversification.

Our ambassadors have formed a fundamental part of this family. Young people with their own unique stories and extraordinary goals that inspire us to go the extra mile. Some of them came into our lives many years ago at the start of their careers, and now we can proudly say that we've been a part of their road to success. Others have only just joined us, but their attitude and drive leaves no room for doubt: they'll get to exactly where they mean to go.

On this special anniversary, we wanted to sit down with our SILBON MEN and reflect on the journey that brought us here; through the highs and the lows, always sticking to the values that motivate and define us. We chatted about the brand's beginnings and what the future holds.


SILBON Ambassador since 2013:

His tenacity and virtuosity are incomparable and have led this Cordovan musician and composer to become one of the most remarkable and acclaimed figures on the global stage. Despite his young age, Montalvo is seen as the highest representative of flamenco violin worldwide, and SILBON has accompanied him throughout this journey, dressing him for each and every defining moment.

His next challenge: Continuing to tour the biggest stages around the world with his music, carrying our folklore as his flag.

We continue to be inspired by his creative personality and extraordinary talent.


SILBON Ambassador since 2017:

Francisco García Vena is a lawyer and an ardent sports fan. In 2015, he suffered a snowboarding accident which left him with a very serious back injury. Cisco's life changed forever, and he was confined to a wheelchair.

But nothing defines Cisco better than his determination and positive attitude. He swapped his snowboard for a tennis racket and resolved to make history playing wheelchair tennis. Today, he ranks at number 80 in the ITF ranking, and is a voice of encouragement for tens of thousands of people who look to him as an example of overcoming whatever life throws at you.

His next challenge: Participating in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics with the Spanish team.

We're so inspired by his determination in the face of any obstacle.


SILBON Ambassador since 2018:

Although very young, “El Califa” is already 29th in the world ranking, surpassing big names in the world of padel. It’s little wonder that he’s the world number 1 in the under-18 category, and has won the world championship several times with the Spanish padel team. Javi has already shown more than just great promise; he is a true international sports star!

His next challenge: Winning the gold medal at the World Padel Tour 2020.

We're inspired by his prowess on the court and his down-to-earth attitude off it.


SILBON Ambassador since 2019:

Sevillano, based in El Puerto de Santa María, is a maths student and the youngest of our Silbon Men. He began sailing as a casual hobby at the age of 7, and by 10 he had made his windsurfing debut.

This hobby soon became a lifestyle, and Fernando was poised to become World Champion. He now has 3 world championships, a European medal, and more than 8 national titles across different disciplines under his belt.

His next challenge: Representing Spain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

We're constantly inspired by his humility and the enthusiasm with which he attacks each new challenge.

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