1. The gift card (the Card) is the property of its issuer (hereinafter SILBON CLÁSICO S.L.), whose identity appears on the physical Card itself; being in possession of it merely deems you the current holder of said card.
  2. The Card is available in the following formats:
    • Physical card for sale at SILBON physical points of sale.
    • Physical card for sale on the SILBONSHOP.COM website.
  3. The Card allows you to buy any item for sale in SILBON physical stores.
  4. The Card can be paid for with any of the accepted payment methods in SILBON stores or online at SILBONSHOP.COM, according to the place of purchase of the Card.
  5. The balance of the Card cannot be refunded or exchanged for money. However, as with other products offered for sale in SILBON stores or online at SILBONSHOP.COM, and under the same conditions as those laid down according to the place of purchase, the return of an unused Card is permitted within a maximum period of 20 days from the date of purchase.
  6. The Card purchased at any of the SILBON stores and the physical Card purchased at SILBONSHOP.COM may be returned. The amount paid for the Card will be refunded back to the same payment method. For this reason, it is essential to present proof of payment for the Card both at physical stores and online.
  7. The Card may be used as many times as desired until the total amount for which it was issued has been used up.
  8. The balance available on the Card at any time is the difference between the balance available at the time immediately prior to making a purchase and the corresponding amount used to pay for said purchase. If the purchase exceeds the available balance on the Card, the difference may be paid through any form of payment accepted by SILBON stores.
  9. You can consult the available balance by presenting the Card in any physical store.
  10. Any products purchased with the Card at SILBON stores are subject to the same refund and exchange policy as any other products purchased at these stores.
  11. Where applicable, the refunded amount for the return of products purchased with the Card will be made as follows:
    • If said Card still exists at the time of the return, the refund will be made by means of an increase of the available balance of the Card.
    • If the Card with which you made the purchase does not exist, you will be given a new card with the amount of the refund. The forms of reimbursement established in this section are an essential condition, and as such they are considered expressly accepted by the acquisition and/or use of the Card.
  12. The Card is a bearer document. The responsibility for the use and custody of the Card is attributed exclusively to its holder. The Card will not be replaced in the case of any theft, loss, misplacement or deterioration, although SILBON reserves the right to replace the Card in the event of a change in format.
  13. The Card may not be used for advertising or promotional purposes for products or services marketed by third parties unrelated to the issuer of this Card, unless this has been previously authorised in writing by the latter.
  14. The acquisition and/or use of the Card implies full acceptance of these general conditions, which are available in SILBON stores and at SILBONSHOP.COM.
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