Silbon is for the man with a strong, cool, cosmopolitan style, who likes to have fun with fashion and wants his clothes to reflect his personality. For the Silbon man, dressing well is one of the most important things in life.


Casual styles take centre stage and become the key to carefree yet innovative looks. The sportwear line wouldn’t make sense without its mixture of fabrics and textures. Well-worn colours and finishes on garments that are characterised by comfort. Giving you room to take risks.

Casual wear

A collection designed to be practical and indispensable for life in the big city. A real city man knows how to mix work with play. Don’t miss out on last-minute plans; make the most of every corner of the city. The City collection is full of styles that can adapt to any situation in your everyday life.


This is Silbon’s most formal line, where you can find the suit or jacket most perfectly tailored to your special occasion. The Silbon signature is always recognisable in the variety of fabrics and colours used in our distinctive patterns and designs. With the Tailoring range, you’re sure to look impeccable at either the office or for that special ceremony or event.


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